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2010 Feast of Tabernacles Report

This year was the 30th year of the Christian celebration on the Feast Of Tabernacles hosted by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. As usual, I went expecting to hear definitively from the Lord as to direction and purpose for the next year. In the Word the number 30 means “the marking of the right moment.” For example, Jesus was thirty when He began His ministry, Joseph was thirty when he was presented to Pharaoh, etc. ┬áIndeed this was the marking of the right moment for me.

Feast of Tabernacles

I love the nations coming to a worship celebration and presenting their nation to the God of the whole universe – so opening night was thrilling as over 5000 people from 90 nations were there in the prophetic act of celebrating the Feast in response to the commandment of the Lord. It is truly a rehearsal for eternity. At this opening night celebration a wonderfully talented black American singer began the song “Ain’t No Rock Going to Out Praise Me” and the dancers started doing the most amazing dance. It was altogether awesome. I was awed by the talent. The worship team was amazing – strong voiced and confident. Everything was working at its strongest. I heard a still, small voice say “Jeanne, if only you knew what My purpose is in the creation of each nation. When each one operates in its purpose, the result is amazing. Here is a sample.” I was overwhelmed and awed as representatives of the African nations revealed a part of their purpose through worship song and dance. Then the team switched to “He knows my name” and I heard that voice again: “Jeanne, if only you knew what My purpose is in the creation of each individual.” I was broken, truly broken, for those who will never reach that potential, because they do not know Jesus. I was broken too for believers, because they have no confidence in themselves nor ultimately in the Lord. The evening became freer and freer as time went on and we were singing a song about freedom and EVERYONE was suddenly and truly free if only for a moment (a visual overload as everyone – dancers and audience alike were momentarily set free). God, if only I could remember that freedom forever. It was truly a foretaste of the divine.

The remaining days of the Feast were wonderful. The speakers were excellent, but most importantly the time of corporate worship was amazing – from (almost) every tongue, tribe and nation. To be in Jerusalem, worshipping the King of the Universe, in the place He chose is simply too marvelous to imagine. The speakers told us of coming trouble all over the earth but most importantly they spoke of the Remedy for those troubles!

Somewhere towards the end of the Feast I heard the Lord again. I heard that from now until He returns, Christian Zionism is going to become so politically incorrect that it will amaze us how soon we will be out of favor in the Church. I heard the admonition to be strong in the Spirit because Charlotte, NC would become an epicenter in the fight over God’s purposes in Israel. This struck me as strange until I heard about a movie that was patently against Christian Zionism (support of Israel) that was done by a well known person who was in ministry in Charlotte. It is called “With God on Our Side” and is full of half truths and thinly veiled anti-Semitism. I have since heard of many other projects set to burst upon the Church which will follow this movement. I really hate this. We are going to be publishing a “talk back” piece on this movie in the next few weeks. Please watch for it!

To sum up the Thirtieth Christian Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles let me just say that if this is the pale earthly shadow of an eternal Feast, I cannot wait for the real thing!