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These are the days of Esther

Clay Jar

For sake of time and space, join me as we jump into the pages of scripture already part way through the Book of Esther.  Haman, a noble of Artaxerses, becomes filled with rage toward an entire race of people (God’s chosen ones) just because a single man, a Jew named Mordecai, would not bow down and worship him. Even though he was a man of riches, honor and power, Haman states that none of that means anything as long as he saw Mordecai the Jew sitting in the palace gate.

The mere fact that Jews exist infuriates people in the Middle East even to this day. Haman, who takes many forms in today’s world, is openly plotting to destroy the entire Jewish race and subsequently the nation of Israel. The amazing thing is that these insidious plans are being hatched in broad day light for all to see – or so one would think. Haman got the king to send letters detailing his plans to eliminate the Jews throughout 127 provinces of the kingdom stretching from India to Ethopia. The enemy used the media then, as they are using it today to advance their evil schemes. Haman’s wife and advisors cautioned him against this plan to destroy the Jews but he was “hell-bent” (literally) on their annihilation. The Hamans of today would be wise to heed the advice of scripture that warns what will happen to those who touch the “apple of His eye.”

God had told Queen Esther earlier in our drama not to reveal to anyone that she was a Jew; you see, God had a plan – He had one then, He has one NOW. God is giving the enemies of Israel enough rope to literally hang themselves. Also, in His great mercy, He is given them time to relent and repent of their actions. Decision day came for the queen; she had to put her life on the line and publicly stand with the Jews. These are the days of Esther, a time of decision for the Church – are we ready to stand with Israel, the Jews, no matter what it costs?

As with the King’s initial letter, things have been set in motion by the Prince of Persia (the devil) that I believe will not change. But another Voice, stronger and clearer emanating from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords that will have the final word.

I believe the Lord is challenging each of us: “Where are the Mordecais? Where are the Esthers who will count being identified with Jewish people more precious than life itself?” I don’t have a problem signing my name to the bottom line. Is there another?