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The Destiny of Israel and the Church …. Installment No. 1

In the next several postings/articles I would like to highlight and acknowledge one of the individuals who has greatly shaped my biblical understanding of Israel and the Jewish people, Derek Prince.

His love for The Land, unparalleled grasp of scripture and understanding of prophecy as it relates to Israel is second to none. So I commend to each and every one of you; his books and teachings which are readily available through Derek Prince Ministries. To whet your appetite we are excerpting below from the book; The Destiny of Israel and the Church 1992, 2007, 2016 by Derek Prince Ministries-International, published by Whitaker House.

“God’s prophetic Word reveals that this present age will culminate with the restoration and redemption of Israel. The nearer we come to the close of the age, therefore, the more intense will be the pressures surrounding Israel. 

A major part of satan’s strategy against Israel has been to obscure the truth as revealed in the Bible. It is amazing that so much confusion has existed, and still exists, in the church today concerning God’s purposes for Israel. The battle for Israel is, in fact, the battle for truth. 

Essential truth is usually simple. And the truth is, Israel is Israel, and the church is the church.

… Any writer or preacher who introduces a different application of the term Israel forfeits the right to claim scriptural authority for what he or she has to say about Israel. 

Israel’s Restoration Predicted … The prophets of Israel certainly do make clear, specific promises of a restoration of Israel that will take place in two phases; first to their land and then to their God. I always put it in that order because I see in Scripture that God purposes to bring most Jews back to the land unredeemed, not in faith, in order that He may deal with them there. 

Historically, this has always been true of God’s dealings with Israel. He has consistently related to them not just as individuals but as a single people, joined by a covenant both to God and to one another. This is how God intends to deal with them at the close of this age – as a single people. In order to do this, however, He must gather them once again in one place. 

God’s promise to restore Israel is not based on anything good they have done, but only that God may be glorified through it.”

Good Stuff!!! More to come ….

Our hope and prayer is that you will not only fall in love with Israel and the Jewish people but that you will build a STRONG biblical foundation based on the truth of the scriptures as it relates to The Land.

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