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New Obed Site Up and Running

Welcome to the newly refurbished Obed Project website. Here you will find information about upcoming trips, photos from past trips, and (thanks to Jeanne) loads of insight into what God is doing in His land.

June 2008 TourWe recently finished a 14-day tour with a group of 25 from Alabama, Texas, and North Carolina. Obed tours are usually shorter, but there were many “second-timers” on this trip and we wanted to include some new sights and experiences for them. In addition to our usual tour package, we spent time in Eilat, Petra, the Negev desert, and Jaffa.

This tour was organized by our good friend Diane Withers, who teaches about Israel from a heart overflowing with exhuberance for God’s land and His people. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she has brought many groups to Israel over the past few years. We look forward to her next trip! (Click here to see pictures from this trip. Or watch the video below. Or both.)