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Did You Know ….

Writing in the sand

Did you know “That He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps?”

Did you know that knowing your facts, having good sources, and being self-educated  helps you to develop your own narrative about Israel?

Did you know that the “West Bank” you hear about in the news is the biblical heart-land of Israel and contains Judea & Samaria?

Did you know that Anti-Zionism is the new Anti-Semitism?

Did you know that Israel has become the Plumb-line for the Church?

Did you know that a note in an NIV Study Bible says; “Ultimately, how a person treats Jewish people will reveal whether or not he is saved.”

Did you know that “land for peace” did not work to stop WWII, it has never worked, and it will never work; actually on two different occasions the Palestinians have been offered over 95% of what they wanted and they turned it down?

Did you know that no Israeli Jew has ever blown themselves up on a Palestinian bus, killing innocent women and children?

Did you know that the real question or battle isn’t about pre-’67 borders or right of return; but it’s about Jerusalem, the City of the Great King?

Did you know that “all who love Jerusalem will prosper”?

Did you know that the blood shed on Calvary was Jewish blood? Think about that next time you take communion.

Did you know that on Israel rests an “ancient anointing” and there are blessings that can only come to you and your family by blessing Israel?

Did you know that one day He is going to gather all the nations against Jerusalem to do battle and that He will return and His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives and there He will do battle with the nations?

Let me end with a “Do you?” instead or a “Did you?”