How much luggage can I bring?

Bring one large suitcase and one carry-on. The airlines are charging more and more for extra or overweight luggage. The tour buses have limited room and you will be much happier with one piece of luggage weighing less than fifty pounds. Most people over-pack. Israel is a casual country.

Will there be a lot of walking?

Yes. Bring comfortable shoes, sunglasses and a hat.

Can I come with The Obed Project even if I have physical limitations?

We can make some adjustments to accommodate those with slight physical limitations. Just call and we will decide together whether or not you should participate.

Do you have a standard tour package?

No. The Obed Project is not a travel agency. We custom design tours around a particular service project or a particular interest. For example, we have designed tours for the following:

  • Prophetic prayer groups who wish to prophesy to the Land and pray over the borders.
  • Dance groups who wish to provide free dance camps for Israeli youth.
  • Sports teams who wish to provide sport camps for Israeli youth.
  • We have an invitation from the Israeli Olympics Committee to bring elite Christian athletes to work with their Olympic caliber athletes.
  • Groups who wish to bless the Land by providing clean-up crews for parks and municipalities.
  • Groups who wish to minister to Holocaust survivors, new immigrants, or refugees (such as the Sudanese Christians who have fled to Israel for protection).

If I wanted to bring a group, how many people would I have to sign up?

Airline “group” prices start at 10 people. We recommend a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40. A bus holds 54, so after that you have to have a second bus.

Do you offer free trips for the person organizing the group?

If you wish us to, we will price a tour with free trip/s for the organizer.
The Obed Project is non-profit and we do not give other special perks to organizers.

Do you have any questions for us? If so, please contact us at info@theobedproject.com.