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What’s in your wallet?

What's in your wallet?A popular credit card company ends their advertisements with that penetrating question: “What’s in your wallet?” Obviously, they’re hoping it will entice you to rush out and secure one of their cards so that you can buy a lot of stuff you don’t need and can’t afford so that they can charge you exorbitant interest on the unpaid balance.

It is however true that you can tell a great deal by looking at someone’s wallet. Try it sometime. If you looked at mine you would immediately know that I’m too cheap to go out and replace it even though it’s ragged, old and beginning to fall apart. You would discover that I buy Shell gas, am a blood donor, grocery shop at Harris-Teeter, vote in Mecklenburg County, work for The Obed Project, and am somewhat obsessive-compulsive since I sort my money by denominations & have them all facing the same way. By looking at my driver’s license you will see that I am blessed with good looks.

In a related matter, let me ask you another question: what is in your “tithe & offerings” wallet? Investors tell us that we need to have a diversified portfolio. I would echo that in regards to your giving; not only should you support the local church you attend but your giving needs to include the things that are near to the Lord’s heart. I believe that each and every one of us should have specific-targeted giving as it relates to the poor, world missions and Israel.

As you can well imagine, my point of interest here is Christians and their giving as it relates to Israel. What does the itemized giving on our tax returns under Charitable Contributions say about our heart for Israel? Do we care about the land and people that scripture calls the “apple of His eye”? Are we sacrificially giving to make a difference? Let me encourage you to get involved with ministries and churches that are actively supporting and ministering to the Jewish people and the land of Israel. Hopefully the treasures you’re storing up in heaven include some shekels.