“Ancient Paths” – The Feasts

Jeremiah 6:16; “Thus says The Lord; ‘Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls.”

On April 15th of this year I posted my first reflection on discovering the “ancient paths”. Let us remember as we proceed down this road; it is not enough to discover them, but we need to walk them out. This article is going to talk about The Feasts and their importance, not only to the Jews but for Christians. I believe at a minimum, Christians need to recognize them as they roll around each year and, in some way, observe/celebrate that Feast.

It says in Exodus 23:14-15a; “Three times a year you shall celebrate a feast to Me, you shall observe the feasts …”. Before we look more closely at these scriptures let me remind you of the three major feasts …

Pesach / Passover … Shavuot / Pentecost … Sukkot / Feast of Tabernacles

Back to Exodus …

“you shall” … observing the Feasts is not optional, it is a command.

“celebrate” … the Feasts are a time of great celebration; it is not a requirement of the Law that is burdensome, in a sense it is a party.

“to Me” … He is the focus and center of all the Feasts. Another scripture calls them, “appointed times”. God has set aside the Feasts throughout the year as appointed times to meet with Him; what could be better than that. God wants to meet with His people on a regular basis and the Feasts are one of His prescribed ways to do that.

“observe” … notice, take time to pause and reflect.

Another thing to remember is that Jesus observed the Feasts; if they were important to Him, they should be important to us.

Without going into a dissertation on Replacement Theology, let me just simply say; there is much the Christian Church has left behind and needs to rediscover. There are blessings for those who observe His designated times of celebration, the Feasts; and I do not want to miss anything He has for me.

“… ask for the good way, and walk in it …”

Next Feast … Sukkot, October 2nd – 9th; start making plans!